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Lynn Ricci, ArtistSome people buy art because a certain scene or image strikes them.  The purchase is based on the way the painting makes them feel, a memory it evokes, or a place that makes them happy.  Sometimes it is more simplistic and it's because of the colors, tone or subject work with their home and style.  Many people have a definite idea of what they want, and they need an artist to capture it on canvas.

 How it Works:












The first step is to contact me and we can discuss your idea or photo and then I can prepare sketches for approval if creating a scene before starting the project. I primarily focus on seascapes, landscapes, and cityscapes.

Many of the works I've done are of homes and front porches of homes.  This is how the Front Porch series started --an oil painting of a home's front porch on a set size canvas of 16x20 -- a perfect housewarming gift, remembrance for a house being sold, a house portrait of your summer cottage, or a keepsake for a child leaving home. The home portraits can be also turned into notecards for the homeowner.  


Prices vary with the subject matter (amount of detail) and canvas size and will be happy to quote you a ballpark number. Full payment is due upon receipt.

I have taken commissioned work over the years, and the subject ranges. prefer landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes.  I do not paint formal portraits but can include people depending on treatment.

Although it is difficult to quote specific dates, I can let you know an approximate time depending on what is in my queue.  Certain gift-giving times of the year are busier than others. With drying time included, you should plan on 1-2 months, start to finish.


All work is delivered wired.  If a gallery-wrapped canvas is selected, the painting will "wrap" around the edges.  Gallery wrapped canvases have an approx 1.5-2" side width.  For standard stretched canvases, a frame will be needed.  I typically still wrap the painting so that a floater frame can be an option.  If requested, I can help source the right frame and deliver finished with frame and ready to hang.  The cost of the frame, shipping plus a $20 assembly charge will be extra on top of the agreed price of the artwork.


When discussing the subject, the painting needs to fit my style and standards of compositional creativity for the desired result. I retain all copyrights to every image including sketch, photograph and preparatory work. My time is very valuable to me, there are no refunds for a change of heart after completed. 

I look forward to hearing from you if you would like to talk about commissioning a painting.



Examples of previously commissioned work can be found on the Sold Work 

Samples of home portraits, offices, and wedding venues are below:




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