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What an Artist Hears - Dangerous Compliments and How it Inadvertantly Motivates Us

What an Artist Hears - Dangerous Compliments and How it Inadvertantly Motivates Us

First, this is a generalization because as we all know: people don't always fall neatly into one bucket or another.  With that said, and as any type of artist will tell you . .  . we are always our own worst critic.

Oh sure, there are people at the top of their game or those that have an overinflated view of themselves and their accomplishments that might not fit in the typical artist bucket. For the rest of us, we sometimes have an issue calling ourselves "professional" artists nevermind...

How Does a New Artist Get Gallery Representation or Build Art Relationships?

What Does a Girl Need to do to Get Noticed in the Art World? It's a question I ask myself a lot . . .

Cape Cod Summer House ~ Painting of Your House to Take Home

If you love Cape Cod as much as I do, maybe visit often, or even own a summer house, perhaps you would like to bring your Cape Cod house or Cape experience home with you?

Unemployment Offers New Opportunities to Create

I'm officially unemployed. It took me awhile to come to that conclusion since I seem busier than ever - but, "officially" I am unemployed. Which brings me to a little problem . . . I'm enjoying being unemployed.

Preparing the Paintings for Paint Nights

Paint nite 050615

It seems like overnight different variations of paint nights have popped up all over -- and people are enjoying picking up a paintbrush and creating.  After many friends asking over the years about painting, wondering if I could show them how, and starting to attend paint nights and raving about them I decided to start offering paint nights in my own home for friends -- hence the name Paint Pals. 

Paint Pals has grown quickly and I am now receiving requests for private girl's night out parties, as well as...